Biya (Tamil)

Biya (Tamil)
 IMDB Rating:

N/A/10 from N/A votesIMDb





 Directed by:

Raj Gokul Das





 Story Plot: 5 college friends plan to go into the woods and take a documentary. One of them is a woman from a forest near the border of Kerala and Tamil Nadu. They plan to go there and make a documentary and go to the mystery forest there. Those who went into the forest did not come out for five days and approached the police to find them. The police are afraid to go there as it is said that there is a ghost in that mysterious forest and those who go into the forest will not come out alive. So they ask for help from someone who has already gone into this forest. He also agrees to go into the woods. Did he go into the woods and find all five of them? Isn't it Is the rest of the story of the film.
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