Radhe Shyam (Hindi)

Radhe Shyam (Hindi)
 IMDB Rating:

#/10 from # votesIMDb





 Directed by:

Radha Krishna





 Story Plot: Vikramaditya is the most famous palmistry astrologer in the country. An astrologer who gave a shock that an emergency would come before Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. Vikramaditya hides in Italy during the Emergency and falls in love with Dr. Prerana. If you look at the inspirational horoscope of Prerana that she fights life and death with rare cancer. But Vikramaditya says that she will live to be 100 years old. However, Vikramaditya fixes that there is no love or marriage yoga in her life. In a few days, his horoscope will take care of him and his death is imminent
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